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ID Flow Photo ID Card System Overview ID Flow Photo ID Card System is the number 1 selling Photo ID Card System in the world, and the choice of top companies across a broad range of industries. ID Flow marries a clean, button driver interface, powerful design tools and support for technologies such as magnetic stripe encoding, smart card encoding, advanced barcode symbologies, as well as support for biometric capture of fingerprints and signatures, in an easy to install, easy to implement and easy to use package. ID Flow ID Card Design software supports a wide range of data sources from Excel spreadsheets to complex SQL, Sybase and Oracle databases.

ID Flow Photo ID Card System Applications ID Flow Photo ID Card System is flexible and can be tailored to fit any application. For student ID cards, enroll students, take pictures, print the card, and connect to the student database. A more professional card for employee identification is also possible. Connect to the HR database, then encode barcodes, magnetic stripes, and chips and even integrate with access control systems. ID Flow can also produce secure ID badges. Photos, biometrics and printed UV and ghost images are just a few features to create a security ID Badge. Those same features as well as standards-compliancy and ease of customization make ID Flow Photo ID Card System perfect for government ID cards as well.

ID Flow Photo ID Card System Systems Integration

Integrate ID Flow with databases ID Flow Photo ID Card System is built around an open database architecture. This allows customers to use most open databases as the source: MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL Oracle, Sybase, and more.

Integrate ID Flow with ID card printers

ID Flow can print and encode with almost any Window’s compatible printer. That includes, but is not limited to Evolis, Fargo, Zebra – Eltron, UltraMagicard, Datacard, DIS – XID, Nisca, and DNP.

ID Flow Photo ID Card System Technology Partners

Jolly provides best-in-class solutions through partnerships with other industry leaders. Printer manufacturers include: Evolis, Zebra, Fargo, Nisca, DNP, DIS, UltraMagicard and others. ID Flow Photo ID Card System has direct support for Logitech web cameras and Canon EOS Rebel flash cameras. We partner with RFIDeas for proximity card reading; Topaz for fingerprint scanning and signature capture; and Card Scanning Solutions to import information directly through driver’s license, business card and passport scanning. Jolly is partnered with Brady People ID and Avery Dennison to provide paper label printing support.

ID Flow Photo ID Card System Customers

ID Flow Photo ID Card System is used by over 1200 customers in over 120 countries spanning the globe, including Dell, BNSF Railways, Intel, Google, Sony, Chevron, NASA, Best Buy and the American Red Cross. ID Flow Photo ID Card System is the perfect choice for industries such as High Tech, Government, Retail, Manufacturing, Health Care, Sports, Transportation, Non-Profit and Education.

ID Flow Photo ID Card System Advantages

Built with systems integration in mind, the ID Flow software can link to existing databases with a few mouse clicks. ID Flow can even link to multiple databases, badge designs and functional groups simultaneously. The underlying data architecture allows for the use of massive data sets with instant response.

The user-interface yields better day-to-day productivity. It includes fast document retrieval, batch printing, all-field searches, saved filters and extensive history of each card produced.

ID Flow is America’s #1 selling Photo ID Card System for a reason. Its powerful design and production tools are unmatched.

ID Flow Photo ID Card System Usage

ID Flow Photo ID Card System is used for a wide variety of applications from photo ID cards to national identification cards; from gift and loyalty cards to cards to public transportation cards. A comprehensive ID card system has these important components: 1. It provides a tool set for secure design, such as layered design elements, ghosting, watermarks, micro printing and UV printing; 2. It easily integrates with your databases and can issue cards as part of your existing systems; 3. Its production process is simple so that key steps are not missed and it can prevent mistakes with printing rules; 4. It provides a detailed activity log of every action performed with the system – know who produced which card for whom, when and where. The ID Flow Photo ID Card System solution is the leading technology in all four of these important aspects.

ID Flow Photo ID Card System Features

ID Flow Photo ID Card System comes with features unmatched by any product on the market. Design ID Cards with professional design tools like layers with print-conditions, exact color matching, fill shapes, transparency, and UV layer printing. Encode cards with chips, barcodes, or magnetic stripes. Integrate with existing HR systems and 3rd party databases with ID Flow’s open database architecture. Enhance security using photos, signatures, fingerprints, and biometrics.

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